The prodigies of the future. The youngsters of The up and coming talents of the country. The kids, that grab the bar before a keyboard. No matter what we call them, these young guys can ride for real. Despite being still at the beginning of their scootering career, they never cease to amaze even more experienced riders. All we are saying is: you better watch out for them! Under 18 only!

There are many riders, who can legally watch movies with 18+ ratings, but even though they left their childhood behind, they continue to ride. Most of them are on such a high level, they already stand out in the hungarian scootering scene. But the fame won’t go into their heads, they just keep on doing their thing, being flowy skilled riders going on with ease in our family – they are the Flow team.

The hardest, most skilled, and most experienced riders, who fly the highest, ride the park with no effort, and land the gnarliest tricks on the streets. They throw barspins and tailwhips left and right, with ease, leaving everyone with the question „how did they do that?”. They are outstanding hungarian riders who can be an example for any beginners rider to look up to. This is’s PRO team.

Some of our shop crew members are also highly skilled riders, who spin the bar and tailwhip like no others. The experience they gained from riding comes in handy when setting up or repairing a scooter. That’s why we are not just an ordinary store, but a professional scootshop. We are proud to say that our crew members make the most out of scooters at the shop, but also in their freetime.